The unique telescoping frame is made of square steel tubing which extends to 3 positions accommodating a wide range of board sizes. The finish is heavily powder coated for extra protection. The frame includes three top board racks padded in high density rubber which provide enhanced board cushioning. Adjustable bungee cords secure board to top racks.

After years of testing varied road conditions we chose wheels that provide sealed bearings for enhanced performance and no maintenance. The rims are 1 piece molded high strength molded plastic. The tires are 13” diameter made from EVA puncture proof foam providing tracking and stability for ultimate peace of mind.

Bag & Cover:
The attachable heavy duty lightweight storage bag is designed to accommodate wetsuits, towels, gear and other supplies for hands-free cycling. The interior contains a storage pocket for smaller items. The lightweight cover protects the contents of the bag from misty mornings and UV protection of your gear while you’re in the water.

The specially designed hitch and rear connector allows for rotation on 3 axes. The hitch easily attaches to bicycle seat posts and comes in 2 sizes to accommodate all seat posts. The rear connector allows both wheels to stay firmly on the ground while negotiating tight corners. These components provide a safe connection to protect your board(s) and allow for incredible maneuverability.

Wheele trailer components are interchangeable. As well as all the features listed above, the Wheele Combo includes the following: a rear loop with two wheels and a rear connector to make up the SUP trailer. A rear fork with a single wheel to make up the Surf trailer and the pull strap with protection pads to make up the Board*Walk.

Take a look at the SUP, Surf & Board*Walk models for more details on all components.

Wheele Combo

Wheele Combo $389.00


The Wheele Combo is a kit comprised of all three Wheele products.  Included are the Wheele SUP, Wheele Surf and Wheele Board*Walk trailers.