USD $29.95

Replacement Wheel


This wheel is the replacement for any Wheele Surf trailer prior to 2014.  Comes complete with hardware and bearings.

USD $9.95

Hitch Pin


Stainless steel replacement hitch pin with lanyard.  fits all hitch sizes.

USD $32.95

Replacement Hitch


Replacement hitch for all bicycle seat posts.  Please note, there are two hitch sizes; standard and oversize.  Order standard for posts under 29mm or oversize over 29mm.

USD $39.95

Pull Strap W/Pads


           Convert your SUP Rear Loop into a Wheele Board*Walk

USD $59.95

SUP 2 Surf Kit


Includes the Surf Rear Fork with wheel to convert your SUP trailer to a Surf Trailer.

USD $149.95

Surf 2 SUP Kit


Includes the SUP Rear Loop W/Wheels and Rear Connector to convert your Surf trailer to a SUPTrailer.  Note:This kit applies to 2015 Surf models or later.  Call if your trailer is older.

USD $224.95

Walk 2 SUP Kit


Includes all parts necessary to convert your Wheele Board*Walk to an SUPTrailer.