The frame referred to as the rear loop is constructed of 1 1/2" tubular steel & ½” solid axle making strength and durability unsurpassed. The finish is heavily powder coated for protection. The axle pins provide easy installation & removal of wheels.

After years of testing varied on & off road conditions we chose wheels that provide sealed bearings making maintenance non existent. The rims are 1 piece high strength molded plastic. The tires are 13” diameter made from EVA puncture proof foam providing tracking and stability for ultimate peace of mind.

The pull strap is made from 1 1/2” wide heavy weight polypropylene providing excellent UV protection, low stretch, does not absorb water providing resistance to the elements. Adjustable to accommodate 9 to 12’ boards. The adjustable side handle is well-located allowing comfortable walking without the board pushing you from behind. The strap attaches to the frame with a clevis pin and loops around the front of the board. Added buckles provide ease and adjustability.

Protection Pads:
3 protection pads made from rubber and covered in heavy duty material wrap around the frame adding extra protection for your board. The velcro fastening makes the pads movable for multiple boards.

Should walking needs expand into bicycle transport, the Wheele Board*Walk is interchangeable to the Wheele SUP Bicycle Trailer incorporating the Walk to SUP kit.

Wheele Board*Walk

Wheele Board*Walk  $139.00


The Wheele Board*Walk is part of the only interchangeable board transport 
system of its kind, revolutionizing Surf and SUP Board transport to the water.

The Wheele Board*Walk's unique design allows an effortless walk to the water.  Superior construction can accommodate 2 boards at one time.