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Surfboard, SUP & Kayak Trailers
for Bicycles
the journey to the perfect wave begins with the perfect rack...

no matter what the terrain or the distance, wheele gives you quick and easy access to the
waves with all your goods.  wheele is the ultimate bike surf/SUP/Kayak utility trailer that is
completely hassle-free.  ultra light, the wheele trailer attaches and detaches to any bike in

the padded top rack carries your board(s) and the large underpack stores wetsuits, gear
and other supplies for hands-free cycling control.

most critical, the wheele's aerodynamic, low center of gravity and performance design
allows split second maneuvering.  it's perfect for tight spots, beach areas and crowded
streets as well as handling narrow off-road conditions and trails.  

  • designed by a surfer for a surfer
  • attaches to the seat post of most bikes
  • surf model will accommodate boards up to 9'-6"
  • SUP/Kayak model will accommodate over 13'